Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council is an advisory leadership body, guided by the Holy Spirit and the Gospel, that assists the Pastor and the Parish Staff in discerning the needs of the Parish and, by recommending strategic goals and priorities, guides the Parish in fulfilling its mission as a Christian community.

The role of a pastoral council by canon law is to investigate (research), ponder (reflect on), and make recommendations about pastoral matters, as well as propose solutions to pastoral problems.

Research: assess needs of parishioners and the community, evaluate parish programs, identify available resources/gifts within or outside of the parish, research other programs used in the Catholic Church or other Churches.

Reflection: take adequate time through retreats and days of prayer to reflect on the research above and the realities of parish life, help to identify strategic issues, or various aspects of a particular issue.

Recommendations: make recommendations related to pastoral matters, especially strategic issues: staffing, new ministries, major projects, campaigns & capital improvements, parish cluster & other outreach solutions to pastoral problems.

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