The Diocese of San Jose has purchased a property that is an excellent site for the high school that sits just off Highway 101 in Morgan Hill making it easily accessible for families throughout the area. Before the Committee and the Diocese can begin planning for and building the school, there are still some bureaucratic hurdles and approvals that are being sought. 

On December 5th there will be a public hearing at LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) where the future of the high school will be considered. (LAFCO) is a state mandated local agency established to oversee the boundaries of cities and special districts. Each County in California has a LAFCO that is intended to encourage orderly boundaries, discouraging urban sprawl and preserving agricultural and open space lands. 

What will the impact on our environment be if this proposal is successful? 

Over 450 South County students make the daily commute to San Jose, Mountain View or Watsonville to attend a Catholic High School, some travel by train but many more drive to their schools contributing to traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the many positive attributes of having these outstanding students remain in their South County communities, the elimination of their daily commute will keep up to 1440 tons of CO2 out of the environment. The reduction in vehicle miles traveled will support the region’s climate protection goals by reducing the per capita emission of CO2  

The Diocese also has committed to a full 1:1 mitigation of agricultural lands that will be preserved either as open space or for continued farming.

We need your help to make sure that the Commissioners who will decide if the South County Catholic High School can proceed know that there is widespread support and need for the school.

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